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IBM i Disaster Recovery (D/R) Consulting

Disaster Recovery (D/R) Consulting

Building a comprehensive plan for disaster recovery on your IBM i system is vital, before your organization faces costly, business altering decisions in the wake of a crisis. AZCORP can help. We can assist you by putting a disaster recovery plan in place to help ensure the limited downtime of your IBM i system and your business operations.

Before a proper disaster recovery plan is put in place, you need to decide how much you will lose if you don’t have a plan. This will help you decide how much time, money, and effort to put into a disaster recovery plan. We will review your backup procedures and ensure that you are backing up everything on a timely basis. Then we will assist you in organizing these backups so that you can easily find the volume that you need when disaster strikes. We will document your plan in such a way that most anyone can follow the steps during or after a disaster. Last, you need to verify the plan by performing a recovery test. This will ensure that your plan works and give you the confidence that is needed when these situations arise.