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IBM i Logical Partitioning (LPAR)


Logical Partitioning (LPAR) allows one physical system to be divided into multiple logical partitions, each endowed with it’s own resources and capable of running independently. Logical partitioning dates back to 1976, when IBM experimented with the S/370. By 1997, companies such as Amdahl, Hitachi and Sun, along with IBM, had their own versions of system partitioning. In 1999, the AS/400 came onto the scene with it’s own implementation.

With I/T Specialists from AZCORP, the implementation and configuration of logical partitioning offers exceptional flexibility, with the possibility to run different levels of i5/OS, OS/400, Linux, and ported AIX/Unix applications on separate partitions. AZCORP Specialists have experience in planning and integrating LPAR on IBM’s AS/400 since it was introduced in 1999. We know the best practises and steps to take to get the most out of your system, whether you’re consolidating servers, adding a secondary partition, or making changes to your existing LPAR environment. Email us at info@azcorp.ca and let us help you get started today.