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IBM i Operating System Upgrades

Operating System Upgrades

Ready for an upgrade?
Still running on V7R1, or worse yet, V6R1?

We have done literally hundreds of operating system upgrades on AS/400’s and IBM i systems throughout the years and can give you the best price with the support that doesn’t stop when we walk out the door.


We will:

  • Take care of all the planning
  • Verify that all your IBM licensed programs are still supported and compatible as well as your IBM hardware
  • Verify that all pre-requisite ptf’s required are installed before upgrade weekend
  • Install the new level of microcode, operating system and update all IBM licensed programs to the proper levels for the new release
  • Install the latest cumulative ptf package available
  • Install the latest group hiper package, database group ptf package, backup and recovery ptf package, and other applicable ptf packages
  • Provide any AS/400 skills transfer/education desired during upgrade day
  • Input all IBM license keys for your IBM licensed programs
  • Supply all ptf cd’s necessary
  • Assist with correct operation of your system after the upgrade and verify that all IBM code has been updated correctly

Contact Us

For more information or to book an appointment, please send us a message or call:
1-877-AS400-40 (1-877-274-0040) or call Andy Zsiros direct at 905-517-1909.