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IBM i Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (BRMS)


Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (BRMS) helps you implement a disciplined approach to managing your backups and provides you with an orderly way to retrieve lost or damaged data. It is a powerful tool for planning and executing routine tape operations. BRMS can operate on a single IBM i system, a logical partition, or on a network of IBM i servers, and can support and manage an unlimited number of media, shared tape devices, automated tape libraries, virtual tape devices, and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager servers. It also enables you to track all of your media from creation to expiration. You no longer have to keep track of which items are on which volumes, and worry that you will accidentally write overactive data.

For a standard BRMS implementation we will:

  • Review your current backup strategy and revise if necessary
  • Install BRMS licensed program and associated program
  • Products with all applicable ptf’s
  • Configure storage locations to manage off site tape movement
  • Install and configure a new tape library if required
  • Configure BRMS to perform basic daily, weekly and full system backups
  • Set BRMS maintenance jobs
  • Provide hands-on skills transfer
  • Review the process to recover your system using BRMS recovery reports