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IBM i Hardware Services

Hardware Services

Have you purchased a new IBM i system and found out that you’re responsible to set it up? Many of the systems today are CSU (customer setup), which means exactly that – it’s up to you to install it. Our services will not only get it installed for you, but we will verify all hardware resources are operational and provide you with some instruction on the new system.

Did you buy some additional disk and now need someone to install them and add them to an existing RAID parity set? Whether you have one disk drive to install or one hundred drives, we would love to help you out.

Some other examples of hardware services we perform regularly:

  • Perform system relocation
  • Install a new tape library
  • Make changes/additions to your existing disk configuration
  • Card relocation in preparation for a system migration, LPAR work, etc
  • Addition of a new expansion unit or tower to your existing system